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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Old Testament in General: Synoptic Outline of the Entire Old Testament

There are three parts:

I. The Law, in which is,

1. The History of the Patriarchs, Genesis in fifty chapters.

2. The History of the Church under Moses, in which is,

a. The general promulgation of the Law and the Exodus, Exodus in forty chapters.

b. Sacred Law, Leviticus in twenty-seven chapters.

c. Civil Law and journeys, Numbers in thirty-six chapters.

d. A Repetition of the Law and their coming into the land of Moab, Deuteronomy in thirty-four chapters.

II. The Prophets. And they are:

1. Broadly so called, Historical, in which is,

a. The History of the land of Canaan, occupied, Joshua in twenty-four chapters.

b. The History of the Church standing under:

α. Fourteen Judges, Judges in twenty-one chapters and Ruth in four.

β. The Judges Eli and Samuel, and King Saul, 1 Samuel in thirty-one chapters.

γ. King David, 2 Samuel in twenty-four chapters.

δ. Five Kings of Judah and eight of Israel, 1 Kings in twenty-two chapters.

ε. Fifteen Kings of Judah and twelve of Israel, 2 Kings in twenty-five chapters.

c. The History repeated:

α. Before the division of the Kingdom, 1 Chronicles in twenty-nine chapters.

β. Before the division under Solomon, and after, 2 Chronicles in thirty-six chapters.

d. History of the restored Church, in which are,

α. Matters conducted outside of Judea, in Babylon, Esther in ten chapters.

β. Matters conducted in Judea, in which are,

א. The twofold going up of the people, Ezra in ten chapters.

ב. The going up of Nehemiah, Nehemiah in thirteen chapters.

2. Strictly and properly so called.

a. Major.

α. Isaiah, Isaiah in sixty-six chapters.

β. Jeremiah, Jeremiah in fifty-two chapters and Lamentations in five.

γ. Ezekiel, Ezekiel in forty-eight chapters.

δ. Daniel, Daniel in twelve chapters.

b. Minor.

α. Hosea, Hosea in fourteen chapters.

β. Joel, Joel in three chapters.

γ. Amos, Amos in nine chapters.

δ. Obadiah, Obadiah in one chapter.

ε. Jonah, Jonah in four chapters.

ζ. Micah, Micah in seven chapters.

η. Nahum, Nahum in three chapters.

θ. Habakkuk, Habakkuk in three chapters.

ι. Zephaniah, Zephaniah in three chapters.

κ. Haggai, Haggai in two chapters.

λ. Zechariah, Zechariah in twelve chapters.

μ. Malachi, Malachi in four chapters.

III. Psalms or Poetic Books,

1. Job, Job in forty-two chapters.

2. The Psalms of David, one hundred and fifty Psalms.

3. The Proverbs of Solomon, Proverbs in thirty-one chapters.

4. Ecclesiastes, Ecclesiastes in twelve chapters.

5. The Song of Songs, Song of Solomon in eight chapters.

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