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of St. John the Divine

Beyond Mere Opinion

The mysterious Book of Revelation continues to generate as much interest and passionate enthusiasm as ever ... perhaps more.  With the rise of Dispensational Pre-millennialism, Christendom has witnessed an uninterrupted flow of commentaries, books, novels, movies, prophecy conferences (complete with charts), Bible studies, etc.  However, even with all of the effort and energy invested, it seems to remain a closed Book, and interpreters are as divided as ever.

There is no doubt that John's Revelation is intrinsically difficult (and it is good for us to be humbled before the mystery), but is the Book to remain forever sealed? does not the Holy Spirit provide us with some clues concerning the proper interpretation of this Prophecy? is it not possible to get beyond mere opinion?

If you desire to understand this precious text of Scripture more deeply, and seek to get beyond the cacophony of interpreters to the mind of the Spirit, this class is for you.  Join us!

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