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Christian Political Theory:

Principles and Special Issues

The Deafening Roar of Political Cacophony...
...and the Still Small Voice

Our nation is in real trouble.


Angry voices shout at one another from calcified positions across an unbridgeable chasm.  The problems that the nation faces are all too real; the dangers, menacing and extreme.  The country is in dire need of leadership, solutions, and remedies; but Washington is paralyzed by the gridlock of party politics.  The Democrats say...  The Republicans say...  The electorate waffles between...  The nation spirals ever downward.

There is a desperate need for Christians to return to the Scriptures for guidance in matters pertaining to civil government.  Why should we run after, "What saith the President? or the Party?", when we have immediate access to "What saith the LORD?" in the Bible?

What do the Scriptures have to say about Civil Government?

This eight-week intensive course is divided into two sub-sections:  principles and special problems.

Some topics considered under "principles":  What is the relationship of Christ's royal office to the government of the United States?  From whom does the authority to govern arise?  What does the Bible assign as the fundamental responsibilities of government?  Does the Bible give qualifications for those that hold civil office?  What is the relationship of the State to the Church?

Some topics considered under "special problems":  Are political parties a good thing?  What are the ethics of taxation?  Does the Bible provide direction with respect to border policy?  What does the Bible have to say with respect the waging of a just war?

Soli Christo Regi Gloria!

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