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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Joshua: The Purpose of Joshua

4. The scope: the representation of God’s promises and faithfulness, and also of His power and mercy.

But what the scope/goal of the book might be emerges from this of itself. Namely, God willed to confirm to all posterity His faithfulness and veracity in the setting forth of the promises concerning the occupation of the land of Canaan by the Israelites, which promises were made in good faith more than once to Abraham, Genesis 13:15, to Isaac, Genesis 26:4, to Jacob, Genesis 35:12, to Joseph, Genesis 50:24, to Moses, Exodus 3:8, and to all the people: And at the same time to demonstrate His power and mercy in fostering, protecting, and advancing His people, but His righteousness in avenging the sins of those, the measure of whose impiety has been filled,[1] and so the revelation of His anger against all unrighteousness; and finally to set before the eyes an example of the very best sort of Prince and of a most obedient people.

[1] Compare Genesis 15:16 and Leviticus 18.

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