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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Zechariah: Synoptic Outline

The Parts of this Prophecy are five, according to the number of Visions:


I.  The first Vision, wherein God urges the conversion of the people, Chapter 1:1-6.

II.  The second Vision, or nine Emblems, whereby the Kingdom of Christ is adumbrated, Chapters 1:7-6:15.  See:

1.  The Emblem of the horseman among the myrtles:  chapter 1:7-17.

2.  Of four horns and four carpenters:  chapter 1:18-21.

3.  Of an Angel with a measuring line:  chapter 2.

4.  Of judgment:  chapter 3.

5.  Of the candlestick with two olive trees:  chapter 4.

6.  Of the flying scroll:  chapter 5:1-4.

7.  Of an Ephah:  chapter 5:5-11.

8.  Of four chariots:  chapter 6:1-8.

9.  Of crowns:  chapter 6:9-15.

III.  The third Vision, Chapters 7; 8:  in which are:

1.  The occasion of the Prophecy:  chapter 7:1-3.

2.  The Prophecy:

a.  Concerning true fasting:  chapter 7:4-14.

b.  Concerning the blessing of the people:  chapter 8.

IV.  The fourth Vision, Chapters 9-11:  in which are:

1.  The calling of the Gentiles:  chapter 9.

2.  The progress of the Gospel:  chapter 10.

3.  The destruction of the Jewish polity, and Christ, the coming Shepherd:  chapter 11.

V.  The fifth Vision, Chapters 12-14:  in which are:

1.  The afflictions of the Church, and the grace of the Holy Spirit:  chapter 12.

2.  The promise of a fount opened; judgment against idolaters; etc.:  chapter 13.

3.  The occupation of Jerusalem, the destruction of the nations, and the Kingdom of Christ:  chapter 14.

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