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Poole's Outline of 1 Samuel 14: Jonathan's Valor and Victory

Jonathan and his armour-bearer secretly smite the Philistines’ army; they slay one another, 1-15; which being perceived, 16, 17, Saul pursueth the Philistines, the captivated and hidden Israelites joining in the pursuit, 18-23. Saul adjureth the people not to eat any thing till evening. Jonathan eateth honey: the Philistines are smitten, 24-31. The people eat flesh with the blood: Saul restraineth them, and buildeth an altar, 32-35. Design to pursue the Philistines by night, he consults God, who answers not: he casts a lot to find out the cause: Jonathan is taken: Saul dooms him to die: the people rescue him, 36-45. Saul’s wars, sons, daughters, wife, etc., 46-52.

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