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Outline of the Entire System of Doctrine

Updated: May 18, 2023


I. A Nominal treatment, Chapter I, § 1-6,

II. A Real treatment, in which you may see True Theology’s

A. Diverse distribution, Chapter I, § 7-26,

B. Definition as Revealed Theology, Chapter I, § 27, which Definition is explained,

א. With respect to Genus, as it is called Doctrine, Chapter I, § 28-31.

ב. With respect to the Difference of species, sought

α. from its Principium, which is the Word of God revealed in the Sacred Scripture, concerning which Chapter I, § 32, 33; Chapter II;

β. from its Object, which is True Religion, Chapter I, § 34, concerning which

a. It is discussed more generally, Chapter III;

b. Its argument is explained more particularly, inasmuch as it relates

a. The Knowledge of GOD

1. Nominal, Chapter IV, § 1-9,

2. Real,

§. With respect to the Essence and Essential Attributes common to the three Persons of the Deity, Chapter IV, § 10-48,

§§. With respect to the Mystery of the Trinity, Chapter V,

§§§. With respect to the Divine Works, and those

̸. either Internal, which are the Decrees of God: concerning which

̅ . It is discussed generally, Chapter VI,

̲̅ . The Decree of Predestination is considered specifically, Chapter VII,

̸ ̸ . or External, which are

̅ . either of Nature, of which sort two especially,

†. Creation, which

AA. Is explained more generally, Chapter VIII,

BB. Is discussed specifically concerning the most excellent of Creatures, namely, the Angels, Chapter IX,

††. Providence, concerning which Chapter X,

̲̅ . or of Grace, which works shall be explained, in which shall be treated the Subject to be instructed in Theology, namely, Man, considered in his fourfold State;

b. The Worship of GOD, of which worship thus

1. The Nature is explained, Chapter XI, § 1-6, so that

2 . The Norm of this worship might be especially explained,

§. Namely, the many-faceted Law of God, as it is to be seen, Chapter XI, § 7-21,

§§. Especially the Moral Law, concerning which it is discussed in more detail, to the end that

̸ . The Preamble, Propriety, and Division of this Law might be premised more generally, Chapter XI, § 22-40,

̸ ̸ . The individual Precepts of the Decalogue might be explained one-by-one, Chapter XII:

γ. from its Subject, to be furnished with the Knowledge of Theology, which in itself, as an eminent Work of God, and the End and Object of the greatest works of God, is most worthy of consideration, and hence also is wont to be called the Secondary Object of Theology, see Chapter I, § 35: Is delivered

a. Its Nature in general, Chapter XIII,

b. Its Fourfold State in particular;

a. As Instituted, or of Integrity, concerning which Chapter XIV,

b. As Destituted, or of the Fall, comprehending under itself

1. Sin, concerning which Chapter XV,

2. Punishment, concerning which Chapter XVI,

c. As Restituted, or of Grace, by way of the Covenant of Grace; of which

1. A nominal Treatment and real Definition see Chapter XVII, § 1-4,

2. An Explication of this Definition follows,

§. With respect to Genus, of mutual Compact, Chapter XVII, § 5,

§§. With respect to the Difference of Species, according to which this Compact is differentiated from others,

̸ . By the Word, by which it is revealed, namely, the Gospel, concerning which it is treated, and concerning the diverse dispensation of this and of the Covenant of Grace itself, Chapter XVII, § 6-19,

̸ ̸. By the Mediator appointed, concerning whom

̅ . It is discussed more generally, Chapter XVIII,

̲̅ . Then more specifically are delineated this Mediator’s

†. Person, with respect to His Names, Natures, the Union of those, and the Effects of this, Chapter XIX,

††. Threefold Mediatorial Office, Prophetic, Priestly, and Royal, Chapter XX,

†††. State of Humiliation and of Exaltation, Chapter XXI,

̸ ̸ ̸. By the prescribed Duties, of Faith and Repentance, which are explained, Chapter XXII,

̸ ̸ ̸ ̸. By the Benefits promised, of which

̅ . The four primary are distinctly explained,

†. Vocation, Chapter XXIII,

††. Justification, Chapter XXIV,

†††. Sanctification, which is considered,

AA. In itself, Chapter XXV, § 1-13,

BB. In its proper fruit of Holiness and of Good Works; concerning which again

אא. It is discussed more generally, Chapter XXV, § 14-21,

בב. It is treated more specifically

αα. concerning Prayer, which is the most excellent Good Work, Chapter XXVI, § 1-21,

ββ. concerning some Works closely connected to Prayer, such as Fasting, Keeping Vigil, Alms-giving, Vows, Chapter XXVI, § 22-40,

††††. Preservation, Chapter XXVII;

̲̅ . The same things, expressed under a different notion, are propounded by the names of Regeneration, Adoption, Reconciliation, and Redemption or Liberation; under which relation the same Benefits are more briefly explained, Chapter XXVIII,

̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸. By the Seals annexed, namely, the Sacraments, which

̅ . Are generally declared, Chapter XXIX, § 1-4,

̲̅ . Are specifically expounded individually,

†. Both of the Old Testament,

AA. The Extraordinary, at least cursorily, Chapter XXIX, § 5,

BB. The Ordinary, more prolifically,

אא. Circumcision, Chapter XXIX, § 6-17,

בב. Passover, Chapter XXIX, § 18-27,

††. And of the New Testament, which

AA. In general are taught to be only Two, with whatever Sacraments Falsely So-Called hence rejected, Chapter XXIX, § 28-36,

BB. Are declared with great exertion,

אא. Baptism, Chapter XXX,

בב. The Lord’s Supper, Chapter XXXI;

̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸. By the Multitude Covenanted, to which the Benefits of the Covenant of Grace are actually conferred, namely, the Church,

̅ . Concerning which, Chapter XXXII,

̲̅ . And concerning its Government, both Special, Ecclesiastical, and Common with other men, Political and Domestical, Chapter XXXIII;

d. As Constituted, or Pre-determined, or of Glorification, which is declared, Chapter XXXIV, in which we especially attain,

δ. The End of the Glory of God and of the Salvation of the Elect, which, as the End of the whole of our Theology, the AUTHOR was propounding, Chapter I, § 36. A

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