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Judges 16 Outline: The Setting of the Little Sun

Samson goeth in to a harlot; is hemmed in; riseth at midnight; taketh the city gates, posts, and bars on his shoulders, and carrieth them up into a mountain, 1-3. Is in love with Delilah; she enticeth him to discover wherein his strength lay; is thrice deceived; at last she overcomes him, 4-20. They put out his eyes, and cast him into prison, 21. His hair grows again, 22. The lords of the Philistines and the people gather together to make sport with him to the honor of their idols; and sacrifice, 23-25. Samson getteth them to place his hands on the two pillars of the house; he prays to God; pulls down the house; and dieth: but more slain at his death than in his life, 26-30. He is buried, 31.

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