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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Micah: Synoptic Outline

The Parts are four:


I.  God’s judgments towards the Jews, and grace towards the elect, Chapters 1; 2:  in which are:

1.  The judgments of Judah and Israel denounced:  chapter 1.

2.  The causes of the judgment:  chapter 2:1-11.

3.  A promise made to the elect:  chapter 2:12, 13.

II.  The punishment of the people and the erection of a better kingdom, Chapters 3:1-4:7:  in which are:

1.  The sins and punishments of the nobles:  chapter 3.

2.  The erection of a better Kingdom:  chapter 4:1-7.

III.  Judgment against Jerusalem, Chapters 4:8-5:15:  in which are:

1.  An explanation for the judgment:  chapter 4:8, 9.

2.  Things following upon deliverance:  chapters 4:10-5:1.

3.  The Kingdom of Messiah:  chapter 5:2-15.

IV.  Dispute with the people, Chapters 6; 7:  in which are:

1.  A complaint concerning injuries:  chapter 6.

2.  The impenitence of the people (verses 1-6):  chapter 7:1-6.

3.  The consolation of the Church:  chapter 7:7-20.

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