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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Micah: Interpreters

HOLY FATHERS:  No one separately.

REFORMED:  Danæus, Œcolampadius.  English:  Anthony Gilby.[1]

LUTHERAN:  Brentius, Gerlach,[2] Grawer,[3] Luther, Phrygio, Tarnovius.

ROMAN CATHOLIC:  Grayerus, Savonarola.

Let the Interpreters of the Books of the Old Testament, and of the Twelve Minor Prophets, be added.

[1] Anthony Gilby (c. 1510-1585) was an English churchman and committed Puritan.  Under the Marian persecution, Gilby was exiled to the continent, and took part in the translation and annotation of the Geneva Bible.  He composed commentaries on Micah and Malachi.

[2] Stephan Gerlach (1546-1612) was a German Lutheran minister and theologian.  He served as Professor of Theology at Tubingen (1578-1612).

[3] Albert Grawer (1575-1617) was a German Lutheran theologian and churchman.  He served as Professor of Theology at Jena (1611-1616).  In addition to his work on Micah, he wrote a commentary on Hebrews.

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