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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Joshua: Synoptic Outline

The parts of the Book are:

I. The history of the occupation of the land, chapters 1-12; in which are,

1. The preparation for the occupation of the land of Canaan, chapters 1-5; in which are,

a. The calling and confirmation of Joshua: chapter 1.

b. The spies sent: chapter 2.

c. The crossing of Jordan: chapter 3.

d. The erection of the stones: chapter 4.

e. Circumcision; the Appearance of the man: chapter 5.

2. The occupation of the land, chapters 6-12; in which are,

a. The capture of Jericho: chapter 6.

b. Ai reconnoitered: chapter 7. Ai captured: chapter 8.

c. The stratagem of the Gibeonites: chapter 9.

d. War against the Kings of Canaan, with the Sun standing still: chapter 10.

e. War against Jabin and his confederates: chapter 11.

f. Enumeration of the victories: chapter 12.

II. The division of the occupied land, Chapters 13-22; in which are,

1. The general division: chapter 13.

2. The particular division on the near side of Jordan: chapters 14-20: in which are,

a. Caleb’s portion: chapter 14.

b. The lot of Judah: chapter 15.

c. The lot of Ephraim: chapter 16.

d. The lot of Manasseh: chapter 17.

e. The lot of Benjamin: chapter 18.

f. The lot of the six remaining tribes: chapter 19.

3. The separation of certain cities, in which are,

a. The institution of the cities of refuge: chapter 20.

b. The cities of the Levites: chapter 21.

4. The departure of the three and a half tribes, and the rising of a the quarrel: chapter 22.

Tomb of Joshua

III. The dying sermons of Joshua, chapters 23, 24; in which are,

1. An assembly of the people: chapter 23.

2. The assembly in Shechem, and the speech of Joshua: chapter 24:1-28.

3. The death of Joshua: chapter 24:29-33.


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