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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Genesis: The Purpose of Genesis

Genesis 3:15

4. It’s scope is to relate the beginnings of nature and of grace. Moreover, the scope/goal of the Holy Spirit, to whom belonged the writing of this book, is hence known without additional effort. Namely, it was intended for it, that it set forth the beginnings of nature through creation, and of grace through the redemption of fallen mankind, and that it at the same time exhibit the rise of the Church and its progress through a number of years, to reveal the glory of God, and to edify the Church in all ages. Whence it is evident that the origin of the world; the προσκείμενα/added beginnings, religion, and orders of mankind; the origins, tongues, provinces, and propagation of the Nations; the dangerous warfare of the Holy Patriarchs in this life; the doctrine of the Law and of the Gospel; and other foundationally important matters, were written in this book, which you might, therefore, not ineptly call the perpetual fountain and the most clear spring of all the Prophets.

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