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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Ezekiel: Interpreters

HOLY FATHERS: Gregory the Great, Gregory Nazianzen, Hesychius, Hippolytus, Theodoret.

REFORMED: Brandmüller, Calvin, Cocceius, Junius, Lavater, Œcolampadius, Polanus, Strigelius, Szegedinus. English: William Greenhill.[1]

LUTHERAN: Hafenreffer,[2] Heilbrunner, Luther, Pappus.[3]

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Maldonatus, Paulutius, Pintus, Prado,[4] Sanchez, Savonarola,[5] Victorinus, Villalpando.[6]

HEBREWS: מראית אלהים of Moshe Alschish, מרכבת יחזקאל of Rabbi Joseph Geatilia, מרכבת of Rabbi Chanok.

Let the Interpreters of the Books of the Old Testament be added.

[1] William Greenhill (1591-1671) was one of the English Independents at the Westminster Assembly. His lectures on Ezekiel are preserved in five volumes. [2]Templum Ezechielis, sive in IX postrema prophetæ capita commentarius. Matthias Hefenreffer (1561-1619) was a German Lutheran theologian, serving as Professor of Theology at Tubingen (1592-1619). [3] Johann Pappus (1549-1610) was a German Lutheran theologian. He served as Professor of Hebrews (1568-1578), and then Professor of Theology (1578-1610), at Strassburg. Pappus commented on all the Prophets. [4] Jerome Prado (1547-1595) was a Spanish Jesuit, serving as Professor of Divinity at Cordova. He worked on his commentary on Ezekiel for sixteen year until his death; it was finished by Villalpando. [5] Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498) was an Italian Dominican and popular preacher in Renaissance Florence. He is most remembered for his eschatological thought, and predictions of imminent civic glory. During a time of unrest, he was the de facto ruler of Florence, as it sought to establish a popular republic. Although Savonarola’s efforts proved abortive, resulting in his imprisonment and execution, his followers kept his dream of republican freedom alive well after his death. Savonarola preached a series of sermons from Ezekiel. [6] John Baptist Villalpando (1552-1608) was a Spanish Jesuit. He is noteworthy for his interest in architecture and fascination with Ezekiel’s Temple vision.

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