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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Daniel: Synoptic Outline

The Parts of the Prophecy are:

I. The history of Daniel and his companions, Chapters 1-6: in which are:

1. The life of Daniel and his companions in general: chapter 1.

2. The history of the same under the latter Nebuchadnezzar: chapters 2-4: in which are:

a. The first dream of Nebuchadnezzar, concerning the statue, explained by Daniel: chapter 2.

b. The fiery trial of Daniel’s companions: chapter 3.

c. The second dream of Nebuchadnezzar, concerning the lofty tree, explained by Daniel, and soon fulfilled: chapter 4.

3. The history of Daniel under Belshazzar, for whom he interprets the vision of the hand writing, soon fulfilled: chapter 5.

4. The history of Daniel under Darius, cast in the lions’ den and then liberated: chapter 6.

II. The history, prophetic, or of the vision of Daniel, Chapters 7-12: in which are:

1. Two visions of Daniel under Belshazzar: chapters 7; 8.

a. The vision of the four beasts, and of just so many Kingdoms: chapter 7.

b. The vision of the ram, the he-goat, the four horns, or the destinies of the Persian, Greek, and Seleucid Kingdoms: chapter 8.

2. A vision under Darius, with Gabriel, after the repentance witnessed, opening to Daniel the mystery of the seventy weeks: chapter 9.

3. A vision under Cyrus: chapters 10-12: in which are:

a. A strengthening of Daniel, anxious on account of the worship impeded at Jerusalem: chapter 10.

b. A vision of the destinies of the Kingdoms of Persia, Greece, and Seleucia, and of the Church of the New Testament and of Antichrist: chapter 11.

c. The persecution of Antichrist, and the deliverance of the Church: chapter 12.


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