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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Acts: Interpreters

HOLY FATHERS: Augustine,[1] Cassiodorus,[2] Chrysostom,[3] Gregory the Great, Theophylact, Nicetas,[4] Œcumenius.

Louis Cappel

REFORMED: Louis Cappel,[5] Johann Jakob Grynæus, Streso,[6] Viret,[7] Brunfels, Pareus,[8] Faucheur,[9] van Leeuwen.[10] English: Lightfoot, Pricæus.

LUTHERAN: Arcularius,[11] Brentius,[12] Brunfels, Hegendorff, Jonas,[13] Lossius,[14] Mentzer, Pelargus,[15] Sarcerius,[16] Selnecker, Spangenberg,[17] Sagittarius, Menius,[18] Gerhard,[19] Major,[20] Rothmaler.[21]

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Antonius, Boisius, Ferus,[22] Froidmont,[23] Massutius,[24] Novarinus,[25] Pererius, Perez, Pits,[26] Sanchez,[27] Stapleton,[28] Lorinus,[29] Bonaventure, Cajetan,[30] Triumphus,[31] Montanus,[32] Lintrensis,[33] Gagnæus,[34] Salmeron.

ADD the Interpreters of all the Books of the New Testament above.

[1] A number of Augustine’s sermons on Acts survives. [2]Complexiones in epistolas et acta apostolorum et apocalypsin. Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus (c. 490- c. 585) served Theodoric, King of the Ostrogoths, as a member of his cabinet. He retired to a monastery and spent his final years writing on religious topics and gathering manuscripts. [3]Homilies on the Acts of the Apostles. [4] Nicetas was an eleventh century bishop of Thessalonica. [5]Historia apostolica illustrata. [6]Commentarius Practicus in Actorum Apostolicorum per Lucam Evangelistam Descriptorum. Caspar Streso (1603-1664) was a Reformed minister, serving at the Hague. [7] Pierre Viret (1511-1571) was a Swiss Reformed theologian and preacher. He was active in the Reformation of Lausanne, and his Lausanne Academy became the foundation for the Geneva Academy. Viret was a personal friend of John Calvin. [8]Adversaria in Acta Apostolorum. [9]Sermons sur les onze premiers chapitres des Actes des Apostres. Michel le Faucheur (1585-1657), born at Geneva, was a Reformed Pastor, who served in Montpellier, Charenton, and Paris. [10]Die Geschichte der heiligen Apostel, wie selbige Der Evangelist Lucas beschrieben. Gerbrand van Leeuwen (1643-1721) was a Reformed theologian. He was Professor of Theology at Amsterdam from 1686 to 1712. [11]Commentarius in Acta Apostolorum. [12]Acta Apostolorum. [13]Annotationes Justi Jonæ in Acta Apostolorum. Justus Jonas (1493-155) was a German Lutheran theologian and reformer. After the Leipzig Disputation, he embraced the Reformation, and served as a churchman and preacher, and as a translator of Luther and Melanchthon’s works. [14]Acta Apostolorum. Lucas Lossius (1508-1582) was a German Lutheran theologian, educator, and musicologist. [15]Historiæ Sacræ quam Liber Actuum Apostolicorum Viginti Octo Capitibus complectitur, Methodica et Brevis Expositio. [16]Actorum Apostolicorum Liber Doctissimus et utilissimus Scholiis illustratus. [17]Acta Apostolorvm, breviter enarrata. Johannes Spangenberg (1484-1550) was a German Lutheran theologian, educator, and reformer. [18]Kommentarius über die Apostelgesch. Justus Menius (1499-1558) was a German Lutheran pastor and reformer. [19]Sancti Lucæ Evangelistæ Acta Apostolorum. [20]Vita Sancti Pauli Apostoli. [21]Annotata ad acta apostolorum. [22]In Acta Apostolorum commentaria doctissima et piissima. [23]Commentarius in acta apostolorum. Libert Froidmont (1587-1653) was a Jesuit educated, Belgic theologian and scientist. At Leuven, he served as Professor of Rhetoric (1609-1614), Professor of Philosophy (1614-1628), and Professor of Theology (1628-1653). [24]Paulus apostolus; sive, Vita sancti Pauli apostoli. Tomasso Massucci (1570-1636) was an Italian Jesuit. [25]Actus Apostolorum expansi et notis monitisque sacris illustrate. Aloysius Novarinus (1594-1650) was an Italian Theatine theologian and philologist. [26]In quatuor Jesu Christi Evangelia et Acta Apostolorum Commentarius. Arthur Pits (1557-c. 1634) was an English Roman Catholic priest and scholar, involved in missionary efforts to reclaim England from the Reformation. [27]Commentarii in actus apostolorum. Gasper Sanchez (1554-1628) was a Jesuit scholar, and served as Professor of Divinity at Alcala. He also wrote commentaries upon large portions of the Old Testament. [28]Antidota Apostolica contra Nostri Temporis Haereses…In Acta Apostolorum. [29]In Acta Apostolorum commentaria. Johannes Lorinus, or Jean Lorin (1559-1634) was a French Jesuit; he wrote several other Biblical commentaries, including commentaries on Ecclesiastes, Wisdom of Solomon, Psalms, Jude, and Leviticus. [30]In Acta Apostolorum. [31]Catena Patrum in Acta Apostolorum. Augustinus Triumphus, or Augustinus of Ancona (1243-1328) was an Italian Hermit of Saint Augustine. His De potestate Ecclesiastica became a standard work in the defense of Popery. [32]Elucidationes in Acta Apostolorum. [33]Actus Apostolorum. Bartholomaeus Petrus Lintrensis (1545-1630) served as a Professor of Theology at Douai. [34]In quatuor sacro sancta Iesu Christi evangelia, necnon actus apostolicos, facillima clarissima que scholia. Johannes Gagnæus (died 1549) was a French Roman Catholic theologian, librarian to King Francis I, and Chancellor of the University of Paris.

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