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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: NT Apocrypha: Synoptic Table

The Apocryphal Books of the New Testament are of three sorts. For, formerly were attributed:

I. To Christ,

1. Books to Peter and to Paul.

2. An Epistle to Abgar.

II. To Mary, an Epistle to Ignatius.

III. To the Apostles and Apostolical men: And either,

1. To All of them,

a. The Constitutions and Canons.

b. The Apostolic Symbol.

2. To Certain of them, to whom are referred,

a. The Liturgies,

α. Of James.

β. Of Peter.

γ. Of Matthew.

δ. Of Mark.

b. Gospels; of which sort are that:

α. Of James.

β. Of Peter.

γ. Of Matthew, according to the Hebrews.

δ. Of Matthias.

ε. Of Judas.

ζ. Of Nicodemus.

c. Acts; of which sort are that:

α. Of Peter.

β. Of Paul.

γ. Of Andrew, John, and Thomas.

δ. The Circuits of Peter, and also,

ε. Of John and Thomas.

ζ. The Passions of Andrew,

η. Of Paul and Thecla.

θ. Prochorus’ Life of John.

ι. Linus’ history concerning the passion of Peter and Paul,

κ. Of Abdias the Babylonian, concerning the matters conducted by the Apostles.

d. Epistles,

α. Of Saint Paul,

א. To the Laodiceans.

ב. To Seneca.

β. Of Barnabas.

γ. Of Clement to the Corinthians.

δ. Of Lentulus concerning Christ.

e. Apocalypses,

α. Of Saint Peter.

β. Of Saint Paul.

f. The Shepherd of Hermas.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
Jun 08, 2022
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