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Wendelin's "Christian Theology": The Distribution of Theology

Thesis: The Distribution of Christian Theology.

Explanation: The distribution is proven.

THESIS: Hitherto concerning the causes of Christian Theology: its parts follow, which are two: One, the knowledge of GOD: the other, His worship: both of which are directed toward the glory of GOD and the salvation of man.

EXPLANATION: Christian Theology is rightly distributed into these parts: For Theology is the doctrine of salvation: And our salvation and blessedness consists in these two parts:

(1.) That we rightly know GOD.

(2.) That we rightly worship Him, being rightly known.

And so indeed we rightly know God, so that we might sincerely worship Him. Christ expresses these to parts in Mark 1:15, repent ye, and believe the Gospel. Scripture expresses the same parts elsewhere by faith and love, 2 Timothy 1:13: by faith and a good conscience, 1 Timothy 1:19. Paul also distributed his Theology into these parts, Acts 24:14-16, I believe all things which are written, and have hope in GOD: and I do exercise myself to have a conscience void of offence. Whence the same Paul reprehends the Gentiles, because they glorified not God, neither were they thankful, Romans 1:21. Whence Athanasius, in an oration, unum esse Deum, elegantly states: The whole salvation of Christians consists in believing and worshipping. Hence it is evident that Theology is rather Practical teaching, than Theoretical, because its Theory is directed toward practice, that is, the worship of God: on which pretext some prefer it to be called prudentiam/prudence, rather than scientiam/science or sapientiam/wisdom: even though it embraces the highest wisdom in itself.

* There is also a received distribution of Theology into doctrine concerning God and the works of God. Indeed, whatever things are treated in Theology, are able to be referred to this double doctrine, even sin itself: which, although it is not a work of God, yet it is an accidental property of a divine work, namely, of Angels and men; not concreated, but derived from elsewhere, namely, from the fall of Angels and men. However, our division appears more neatly arranged, which also itself embraced the doctrine concerning God and His works.

In the same sense, by others faith and good works are constituted as the parts of Theology.

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