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Wendelin's "Christian Theology": Doctrine of the Punishment of Sin Outline

Thesis I:  The fourfold punishment of sin.

Thesis II:  Τιμωρία/chastening.

Explanation:  1.  Sorts of divine chastisements.  2.  Of what sort the death of the pious.  3.  The afflictions of the same are not satisfactory punishments.

Thesis III:  Δοκιμασία/trial.

Thesis IV:  Μαρτύριον/martyrdom.

Explanation:  1.  The language of punishment is ambiguous.  2.  Consolations are to be set in opposition to afflictions.

Thesis V:  Penal satisfaction.

Explanation:  1.  Christ’s penal satisfaction, λύτρον.  2.  Reprobates will furnish satisfaction for themselves forever.  3.  A distinction of afflictions.

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