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Wendelin's "Christian Theology": Doctrine of Actual Sin Outline

Thesis I:  Actual sin is defined.

ExplanationOne sin is able to be the cause of another in various ways.

Thesis II:  Species of actual sin.

Thesis III:  Sin of itself.

ExplanationSin is either of commission or omission.

Thesis IV:  Sin by accidental property.

Explanation:  1.  It is proven that the virtues of the Gentiles were sins by accidental property.  2.  An objection is resolved.

Thesis V:  Sin manifest and hidden.

Explanation:  * 1.  Hidden sin.  2.  All evil thought is sin.  3.  Sorts of scandal.

Thesis VI:  Sin spiritual and bodily.

Thesis VII:  Sin reigning and not reigning.

ExplanationPrinciples of distinction between sin reigning and not reigning.

Thesis VIII:  Sin remissible.

Explanation:  1.  In what sense might sin be called venial?  2.  The arguments of the Papists for venial sin are answered.

Thesis IX:  Sin irremissible.

Explanation:  1.  All the sins of reprobates are irremissible.  2.  The sin against the Holy Spirit is defined.  3.  Why is it called the sin against the Holy Spirit?  4.  Another distribution of actual sin.

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