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Wendelin's "Christian Theology": Doctrine of Angels Outline

Thesis I: The event of the government of rational creatures before the fall concerns Angels or men.

Thesis II: The event with respect to Angels is the perseverance of some, the defection of others.

Thesis III: Obedient Angels confirmed in their goodness.

Explanation: 1. The truth and goodness, in which the Angels were created. 2. The offices of the good Angels. * 3. It is proven that the Angels are no longer able to fall.

Thesis IV: The disobedient Angels hardened in their wickedness.

Explanation: 1. It is proven that a number of Angels fell. 2. The efficient cause of the apostasy of the Angels. 3. The consequents of the apostasy. The names of the evil Angels. The knowledge and power of the evil Angels. 4. Sin is defined in general.

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