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Poole's Outline of 1 Samuel 25: Nabal and Abigail

Samuel dieth: David goeth to the wilderness of Paran, 1. Nabal’s riches, 2. His and his wife Abigail’s nature and condition, 3. David requesteth of Nabal some relief for his camp: he entreateth David’s messengers scornfully. David is provoked, and mindeth to destroy him, 4-13. Abigail understands it, 14-17; taketh a present, 18-22; and by her wisdom, 23-31, pacifieth David, 32-35. Nabal hearing of this, dieth, 36-38. David taketh Abigail and Ahinoam to be his wives, 39-43; Saul having given Michal to Phalti, 44.

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