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Poole's Outline of 1 Samuel 22: Doeg's Slaughter of the Priests

David cometh to Adullam, where companies resort to him, 1, 2. He goeth to Mizpeh, and commendeth his parents to the king of Moab, 3, 4. Admonished by Gad, he returneth to Judah: Saul pursueth him; complaineth of his servants’ unfaithfulness, 5-8. Doeg accuseth Ahimelech: Saul sentenceth him, the high priest, and the rest of the priests, to die: Doeg slayeth eighty-five priests: the city Nob and all in it is laid waste; only Abiathar the priest remained alive fleeing to David, 9-21. David acknowledgeth himself to be the cause hereof, 22, 23.

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