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Poole's Exodus 3 Outline: Moses Face-to-Face with Jesus Christ

Moses keeping Jethro’s flock, cometh to mount Horeb, 1. There God appears to him in a burning bush, 2. Moses beholds it, 3. God calls to him out of the burning bush, 4; cautions him what to do, 5, 6. God seeth their afflictions, 7; promises them a happy deliverance, 8; sends Moses to Pharaoh, 10. He desires to be excused because unworthy, 11. God encourages him, 12, and directs him what to say to the children of Israel, 13, 14; makes his name known to Moses, 15; commands him to gather the elders of Israel, 16; and what he was to say to them, 17; likewise to Pharaoh, 18. Pharaoh’s obstinacy, 19. God threatens the Egyptians, 20; and tells Moses with what plenty the Israelites should depart, 21, 22.

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