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Poole's Exodus 2 Outline: Moses, Man of Two Worlds

Moses’s parentage and birth, 1, 2. His mother makes an ark, puts him therein, 3. Pharaoh’s daughter going to wash herself, seeth him, takes him for her own child, and gives him to his mother to nurse, 4-9. Moses seeing an Israelite wronged by an Egyptian, kills him, 11, 12. Pharaoh hearing this, seeks to slay Moses; he flees to Midian, 15. There he rescues Reuel’s daughters from the violence of the shepherds, 17; serves Reuel, and marries his daughter Zipporah, 21. She bears him a son, his name, and the reason of it, 22. God heareth the cry of the Israelites, 23-25.

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