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Judges 13 Outline

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

The Philistines again oppress Israel, 1. An angel appeareth to Manoah’s wife, promising her a son that should be a Nazarite, and deliver Israel, 2-5. She informs her husband hereof: he prayeth, and obtaineth a return of the angel, 6-14. Manoah is desirous to provide food for the angel, and inquireth after his name, 15-18. He sacrificeth to the Lord, and the angel ascendeth to heaven in the flame of the burnt-offering, 19-21. Hereat Manoah is affrighted, but comforted by his wife; who beareth him a son; his name Samson, in whom is the Spirit of the Lord, 22-25.

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