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Judges 11 Outline

Jephthah dwells in the land of Tob, 1-3; is called by the elders of Gilead to command in chief against the Ammonites. He demands to be continued head after the war should cease; they swear it shall be so, 7-11. He sendeth twice messengers to the king of the Ammonites to treat of peace, but in vain, 11-28. Jephthah marcheth against him; maketh a vow; smiteth the Ammonites; performeth his vow on his daughter, 29-40.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
18 de set. de 2018

Matthew Henry: 'This chapter gives as the history of Jephthah, another of Israel's judges, and numbered among the worthies of the Old Testament, that by faith did great things (Hebrews 11:32), though he had not such an extraordinary call as the rest there mentioned had. Here we have, I. The disadvantages of his origin, verses 1-3. II. The Gileadites' choice of him to be commander-in-chief against the Ammonites, and the terms he made with them, verses 4-11. III. His treaty with the king of Ammon about the rights of the two nations, that the matter might be determined, if possible, without bloodshed, verses 12-28. IV. His war with the Ammonites, which he enters upon with a solemn vow (verses 29-31)…

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