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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Titus: Interpreters


REFORMED: Ludwig Crocius, Megander, Scultetus, Daillé, Mastricht. English: Thomas Taylor,[1] Wallis.

LUTHERAN: Agricola,[2] Alesius, Cramer, Heilbrunner, Hoffmann, Rhodomann, Quistorpius, Schenk.

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Espensæus, Magalianus, Sotomayor, Sasbout.

ADD the Interpreters of all the Books of the New Testament, and also of the Pauline Epistles, above.

[1] Thomas Taylor (1576-1632) was an English Puritan minister and writer. Taylor was against separation from the established church; but, because of his Puritan views, he had difficulty getting and keeping a benefice. [2] Johannes Agricola (1492-1566) was a German Lutheran minister, subscribing the Augsburg Confession, but later differing from it in a number of points. The Antinomian tendencies of his teaching were sharply opposed by Luther. In addition to his commentary on Titus, he also wrote on Luke and Colossians.

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