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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Revelation: The Usefulness of the Book

11. The consummate Usefulness of the book against the Papacy is set forth in the words of Bullinger.

The reading, meditation, and study of the Apocalypse is very useful and necessary, both on account of the Papacy, and for other reasons. It is agreeable to make use of the words of the Venerable Bullinger in his Præfatione in Apocalypsin: For, this age (and much more the present) has in the Papacy acute and practiced devises, which adorn both the Pontiff and the Pontifical Church with marvelous praises, and instill by disciplines and persuade of things contrary to Evangelical and Apostolic doctrine. To these are added amazing arts, whereby they supplant even the more prudent. To these are added wealth or riches, authority, arms, threats, promises and punishments, wherewith even some of the stout are wearied and are drawn by degrees to the Papists. Many are ignorant of matters; who do not esteem that matters as it was obliged to be esteemed. Such regard it as a matter of indifference what sort of religion is preached, Evangelical or Papistical, or what is or is not believed concerning either. For they think that all these things pertain not at all to them. Meanwhile, many are lost and in danger, not a few die, double-minded they hesitate, and the Kingdom of Christ is constricted. For the Papists omit nothing that might in some measure make for the repairing of their Kingdom, and for the demolishing of Christ’s Kingdom. Therefore, since they spare nothing in labors or expenses, while they turn all for the pressing down of Evangelical truth, and to impel the simple to defection: we ought not ourself to offend, by leaving the Church, and the simple, in this afflicted and tried, without that consolation, warning, and doctrine, which the Lord Himself prepared of old through John for this difficult matters and times by the revelation of this Apocalypse. Now, the things that have been here Divinely revealed to us have a singular excellence and grace. The adversary and rival of Christ will not be cast down by any carnal arms,[1] but by the sword of the Word of God. For, it is necessary that this adversary become vile in the minds of men, and perish, so that Christ might revive, and be glorified for ever. Hitherto Bullinger, not obscurely striking at those that detest the reading and meditation of this book, or banish it to a latter place.

[1] See 2 Corinthians 10:4.

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