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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Revelation: Placement in the Canon

8. This is the last book, and the seal of the canon.

This book is set in the last place, on account of the order of writing, and of use. For, undoubtedly this was written not only after the Gospel and Epistles, as he himself not obscurely indicates, Revelation 1:2, with Origen in Eusebius’ Church History, book VI, section 18, and Nicephorus, Historia Ecclesiastica, chapter 45, testifying to the same; but also after all the remaining New Testament writings. For he wrote on Patmos, Revelation 1:9, to which he was banished by Domitian in 96 AD, surviving afterwards another six years, that is, to the third year of Trajan, at which point he died, according to Sophronius. But this is also the last book in use, indeed, a Divine Seal, whereby the whole Scripture of the Old and New Testaments is closed, as the Apostle’s Prophetic attestation, Revelation 22:18, 19, similar to that whereby the Mosaic Canon as the inauguration of Scripture is secured, Deuteronomy 4:2; 12:32, argues.

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