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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Revelation: Chapter Summary

Why was the name Apocalypse placed upon this book? Its principal cause is Christ, 1. Who signified it through an Angel sent to His servant John, the author of the book. That this is John the Evangelist and Apostle is proven. The consensus of the ancients. Why is he called Θεολόγος, the Theologian? 2. The Authority of the book, impugned by some of the ancients, called into question by some orthodox men as well, following Dionysius of Alexandria, 3. The book is inscribed to the seven Asiatic Church, and to the universal Church in the type of those, 4. The Scope of the book, 5. The sum and argument of the same, namely, a Prophecy concerning things that are, and shall be thereafter, 6. Its dignity and clarity, especially at this time, is asserted. Light is alleged for the same by our modern Interpreters: but darkness is foully spread over it by the Papists, who, with its prophecies read, were obliged to shudder to their very core, 7. This is the last book, and the seal of the canon, 8. The form or method is Epistolary. Dramas are properly to be distinguished from the Prophecies, 9. The order of the book has been variously disputed. One linked history, drawn in a continuous series from beginning to end, it does not have; neither is the thread uninterrupted, but doubled back several times, in which distinct pericopes represent the same, except that the ἐπεισόδια, parenthetical additions, repeatedly render some part of the Prophecy more illustrious. Some Visions are universal; others, particular, 10. The consummate Usefulness of the book against the Papacy is set forth in the words of Bullinger, 11. It has three Parts: I. The Preface (Revelation 1:1-11). II. The Treatment, the seven Prophetic visions concerning the state of the militant Church of Christ in the earth (Revelation 1:12-22:5). III. The Epilogue (Revelation 22:6-21). Interpreters of the book, Ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic; and also a Synoptic Table, 12.

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