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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Revelation: Argument of the Book

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

6. The sum and argument of the same, namely, a Prophecy concerning things that are, and shall be thereafter.

Therefore, this book principally contains prophetic visions, or typical prophecies concerning those things ἅ εἰσι, καὶ ἃ μέλλει γίνεσθαι μετὰ ταῦτα, which are (that is, are going to be ἐν τάχει, shortly, Revelation 1:1), and those things which shall be after those, Revelation 1:19, that is, concerning the state of the Church from the revelation made, extending itself to the end of the world, the sum of which is, that our Lord Jesus Christ is never going to desert His Church on earth, but is going to govern it by His Spirit and word: but that the Church itself, while dwelling in this world, is going to suffer many things because of Christ and the confession of the truth of the Gospel from the nations, Antichrist, heretics, and false brethren; but that victory is going to belong to the Lamb, the Lion of the tribe of Judah.[1] All which pertain to this, that all the elect, abundantly forewarned and instructed, in all ages, as long as this world stands, might adhere in true faith only to Christ, the Redeemer, the King and High Priest, unique, and eternal, and sincerely confess and call upon Him, worship Him in innocence, and await in patience His coming unto judgment, and liberation of the pious: that, on the other hand, they might abhor all superstition, and despise the world with its various religions, magnificence, and pleasures; and take care to avoid, as much as possible, all impiety, and flee above all others the coming Antichrist, who is most iniquitously going to claim for himself the Kingdom and Priesthood of Christ.

[1] See Revelation 5:5, 6.

Dr. Dilday's Lecture: "Revelation, Part 2"

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