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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Philemon: Interpreters


REFORMED: Danæus, Gomarus, Hummel,[1] Pareus, Scultetus. English: Attersoll,[2] Dyke,[3] Goodwin, Hordei, Jones.[4]

LUTHERAN: Brentius, Gentili,[5] Quistorpius.

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Fevardentius.[6]

ADD the Interpreters of all the Books of the New Testament, and also of the Pauline Epistles, above.

[1] Johann Heinrich Hummel (1611-1674) was a Swiss Reformed pastor. He wrote an extensive commentary on Philemon. [2] William Attersoll (died 1640) was an English Puritan pastor and author. He wrote a massive commentaries on Numbers and Philemon. [3] Daniel Dyke (died 1614) was a Puritan minister during the reign of James I, silenced for nonconformity. He wrote a substantial commentary upon Philemon. [4] William Jones (1561-1636) was an Anglican minister. He wrote commentaries on Philemon, Hebrews, and 2 and 3 John. [5] Scipione Gentili (1563-1616) was an Italian jurist. He was forced to leave Italy at a young age, due to his Protestant beliefs, settling in Germany. In addition to the legal treatises that he wrote and edited, he published Commentarius in Epistolam ad Philemonem. [6] Francis Fevardentius (1541-1610) was a French Franciscan, and a virulent opponent of the Reformation. He wrote commentaries on Ruth Esther, Job, Jonah, the two Epistles of Peter, the Epistles of Jude and James, the Epistle of Philemon, and others.

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