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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: NT Apocrypha: Enumeration

1. The Apocryphal books of the New Testament, enumerated by Gelasius and the Roman Council.

Pope Gelasius

Just like the Old Testament, so also the New has Apocryphal books: but those of a diverse sort. For Gelasius[1] in a Roman Council composed a sufficiently lengthy list of New Testament Apocryphal books, which list has been inserted in Canon Law, Distinction XV, chapter 3, Sancta Romana Ecclesia.[2] There it is to be seen, marked with an obelus and transfixed with a critical point, the Itinerary of the Apostle Peter, Acts commonly under the name of Andrew, Philip, Peter, and Thomas, the Gospels of Thaddeus, Thomas the Apostle, Barnabas, Bartholomew, Andrew, the Gospels falsified by Hircius, books concerning the infancy of the Savior, concerning the nativity of the Savior, concerning Holy Mary, concerning the midwife of the Savior; a book which is called The Shepherd; the Acts of Thecla and Paul; the Revelation of Thomas, of Paul, of Stephan; the book which is called the assumption of Saint Mary; the book which is called the Lots of the Apostles; the book of the Canons of the Apostles; the Epistle of Jesus to King Abgar; etc. And Gelasius subjoins: These, and all similar to these, which Simon Magus, Nicolaus, etc., taught, or wrote, are not only repudiated, but also eliminated by the whole Roman and Apostolic Church; and we confess that they are condemned eternally with their authors, and the followers of their authors, under the indissoluble chain of an anathema.

[1] Gelasius I served as Bishop of Rome from 492 to 496. [2] The so-called Decretum Gelasianum is probably spurious and of later origin.

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