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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Matthew: Synoptic Outline

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

The parts:

I. Description and revelation of the Person of Christ: chapters 1, 2. In which are,

1. His genealogy, conception, and birth: chapter 1.

2. A revelation made to the Magi, and the flight into Egypt and return: chapter 2.

II. His forerunner, John the Baptist, baptizing many into the faith of Christ, and even Christ Himself: chapter 3.

III. The actions of Christ, teaching and miracles: chapters 4-25. In which are,

1. His preparation through temptation, and the choosing of the disciples: chapter 4.

2. The sermon on the mount: chapters 5-7. In which are,

a. The Beatitudes, the duty of the Apostles, and the law vindicated: chapter 5.

b. Teaching concerning Alms, prayers, greed: chapter 6.

c. Concerning judgments about brethren, prayers, and genuine possession: chapter 7.

3. A leprous man, and the servant of the centurion, healed; the sea calmed; Devils driven out: chapter 8.

4. A paralytic, a woman with an issue of blood, blind men, and demoniacs healed; Matthew called; a daughter raised from the dead; Christ’s compassion on the people: chapter 9.

5. The disciples’ first mission and instructions: chapter 10.

6. A response give to John, and a commendation of him; a rebuke to cities; invitation to the miserable: chapter 11.

7. Works appropriate for the Sabbath; the Sin against the Holy Spirit; Christ’s Mother and brethren: chapter 12.

8. Parables, of the Sower, of the tares, of leaven, of the mustard seed, of the treasure, of the pearl, of the net; and the contempt of Christ in His own country: chapter 13.

9. The martyrdom of John the Baptist; the miraculous feeding of multitudes; Christ walking on the water: chapter 14.

10. Invective against traditions; the daughter of a Canaanite woman and others healed; a miraculous feeding: chapter 15.

11. A sign sought by the Pharisees, and their leaven; the confession of Peter; the sufferings and the following of Christ: chapter 16.

12. Transfiguration on the mount; John as Elijah; a lunatic healed; the sufferings of Christ; paying of tribute: chapter 17.

13. Humility commended; the danger of scandal; the correction of a brother; the forgiving of offenses: chapter 18.

14. Teaching concerning divorce and celibacy; the presumption of a young man repressed: chapter 19.

15. Parable concerning those called into the vineyard; sufferings predicted; humility in Ministers commended; restoration of the blind: chapter 20.

16. Entrance into Jerusalem: chapters 21-25. In which are,

a. The purging of the Temple; a fig tree cursed; the baptism of John: chapter 21.

b. Parable concerning a wedding; tribute; the son of David: chapter 22.

c. Invectives against the Scribes, Pharisees, and Jerusalem: chapter 23.

d. The final judgment of Jerusalem and the world: chapter 24.

e. The time of the judgment: chapter 25.


IV. The Sufferings of the Christ: chapters 26, 27. In which are,

1. The history of the passion, unto the denial of Peter: chapter 26.

2. The rest of the passion, death, and burial: chapter 27.

The Garden Tomb?

V. The Glory of the resurrection of Christ:chapter 28.

Dr. Dilday's Lecture: "The Messianic Career"

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