Heidegger's Bible Handbook: John: Synoptic Outline

The parts:

I. The description of the person and coming of Christ: chapter 1:1-18.

II. The ministry of John the Baptist: chapter 1:19-36.

III. Christ’s actions, teaching, and miracles: chapters 1:37-12:50. In which is,

1. The calling of the Apostles, Nathanael: chapter 1:37-51.

2. His first sign in Cana: chapter 2:1-12.

3. Matters conducted:

a. At the first Passover: chapters 2-4. In which is,

α. The reformation of the Temple, the dissolution of His body: chapter 2:13-25.

β. The conversation with Nicodemus; the baptism of John: chapter 3.

γ. The conversation with the Samaritan woman; the son of the Nobleman: chapter 4.

b. At the second Passover: chapters 5, 6. In which is,

α. The healing of the sick man at Bethesda; an apology against the Jews: chapter 5.

β. The miraculous feeding: chapter 6.

c. At the third Passover: chapters 7-12. In which is,

α. Dispute with the Jews concerning His person: chapter 7.

β. The adulterous woman; contention with the Jews concerning Himself, the Father, etc.: chapter 8.

γ. The healing of the man born blind, and his defense of Christ and himself: chapter 9.

δ. The true Shepherd; dissension because of Christ: chapter 10.

ε. Lazarus raised; and plots against Christ: chapter 11.

ζ. Christ anointed by Mary, having entered Jerusalem; the Greeks taught concerning His Sufferings: chapter 12.

IV. His sufferings: chapters 13-19. In which are,