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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: John: Chapter Summary

The inscription of the book, 1. Description of the person of John: Boanerges,ἐπισήθιος, one leaning on the breast, the Theologian, Pillar of the Church.His History after the ascension. His Captivity on Patmos. He verily died, at a great age, and, if you will give credit to Eusebius and others, at Ephesus, 2. The writer of the Gospel. The Divinity of it against the Alogians asserted, 3. A twofold occasion of writing is laid out, one out of Eusebius, the other out of Irenæus, 4. The argument, 5. The idiom of the Book, and the sort of speech.The idiomatic expressions of Saint John, 6. The time of writing, 7. The Parts of the Book are five. I. Description of the Person and coming of Christ (chapter 1:1-18). II. The ministry of John the Baptist (chapter 1:19-36). III. Christ’s actions, teaching, and miracles (chapters 1:37-12:50). IV. Christ’s Sufferings (chapters 13-19). V. The Glory of the resurrection (chapters 20, 21). Interpreters Ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic, and also a Synoptic Table of the Book, 8.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
Sep 07, 2020

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