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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Hebrews: Synoptic Outline

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The parts:

I. That Christ, the Prophet, is to be heard, chapters 1:1-4:13:

1. Because He is heir of all, greater than the Angels: chapter 1.

2. Because one not attending will be justly punished, and will not be an heir of the inhabitable world, made subject, not to Angels, but to Christ: chapter 2.

3. Because He is greater than Moses, and those not attending to His voice formerly were excluded from rest: chapter 3.

4. Because to those hearing an entrance into rest was promised, not furnished before this time: chapter 4:1-13.

II. That there is to be a trusting in Christ as High Priest, chapters 4:14-10:23: in which is:

1. The Exhortation itself: chapter 4:14-16.

2. A Demonstration:

a. That He is a Priest, after the order of Melchisedec: chapter 5.

b. That progress toward perfection is to be made, with first principles set aside: chapter 6.

c. That He exactly corresponds to Melchisedec in all things, and so the Aaronic Priesthood is to be abrogated: chapter 7.

d. That He is a Priest in Heaven, and the old Testament is to be abolished: chapter 8.

e. That in the place of the old tabernacle a new has come, whose High Priest is Christ: chapter 9.

f. That the sacrifice of Christ is sufficient: chapter 10:1-23.

III. An Exhortation to the duties of life, chapters 10:24-13:25.

1. To charity, good works, assembly on account of the approaching judgment: chapter 10:24-39.

2. To faith, examples of which are indicated: chapter 11.

3. To battle through patience, holiness: chapter 12.

4. To mutual love, the chastity of the marriage bed, constancy in the faith: chapter 13.

Dr. Dilday's Lecture: "Hebrews, Part 2"

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