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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Harmony of the Gospels: Synoptic Outline

There are six parts:

I. The history preceding the ministry of Christ, in which are:

1. A description of the person and office of Christ.

2. The conception of John and of Christ.

3. The nativity of John.

4. The nativity of Jesus Christ.

5. The genealogy of Christ.

6. The coming of the Magi; the flight and return of Christ.

7. The education and progress of Christ.

II. The commencement of Christ’s ministry, from His baptism to the first Passover, in which are:

1. The ministry of John.

2. The baptism of Christ.

3. Preparation for His ministry through temptation.

4. The testimony of John concerning Christ.

5. The beginning of Christ’s preaching in Galilee.

6. The calling of the disciples.

7. The first miracle wrought in Cana of Galilee.

III. The history of the first Passover, or of the first year after the initial half-year, in which are:

1. The journey from Galilee to Judea, and the many things conducted there.

2. The return from Judea to Galilee, and the many things conducted there.

Sea of Galilee

IV. The history of the second Passover, in which are:

1. The ascent to Jerusalem, and the things conducted there.

2. His withdrawal to the sea on account of the plots of enemies.

3. His progress through various places, and the things that Christ taught and did in them.

V. The history of the third Passover, in which are:

1. His rebuking of traditions.

2. His withdrawal to the borders of Tyre and Sidon.

3. At the sea of Galilee.

4. Into part of Dalmanutha.

5. Bethsaida.

6. Into the villages of Cæsarea Philippi.

7. His travels throughout Galilee.

8. Capernaum.

9. Jerusalem, at the feast of tabernacles.

10. At the same for the Feast of Dedication.

11. Bethany.

12. To a city of Ephraim.

13. To Jersualem for Passover, and the things that He variously taught and did in these places.

The Empty Tomb

VI. The history of the fourth Passover, pertaining to His death, in which are:

1. The history of the Passion.

2. Of His burial.

3. Of His resurrection.

4. Of His appearances.

5. Of His ascension into Heaven.

Dr. Dilday's Lecture: "The Gospels: Narrative and Teaching, Part 2"


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