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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Galatians: Synoptic Outline


The parts:

I. Defense of the Gospel and liberty preached by himself, chapters 1:1-5:12. In which is:

1. A defense of the Gospel: chapters 1, 2: in which:

a. He asserts his Gospel, received, not from men, but from God alone: chapter 1.

b. And also approved by the foremost Apostles, and defended against Peter and others: chapter 2.

2. A defense of Christian liberty: chapters 3:1-5:12: in which:

a. He demonstrates liberty in this, that they are the children of Abraham, heirs according to the promise: chapter 3.

b. In a parable of a child liable to tutors, and the figure of the sons of Abraham, he asserts the same: chapter 4.

c. He demonstrates the same from this, that without it Christ does not profit them: chapter 5:1-12.

II. Concerning the use and abuse of liberty, chapters 5:13-6:18: in which:

1. Forbidding the abuse of liberty, he commends charity and walking in the Spirit: chapter 5:13-26.

2. He prescribes precepts for life, and closes: chapter 6.

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