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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Colossians: Interpreters


REFORMED: Gomarus, Grynæus, Knibbe, Musculus, Olevianus, Polanus,[1] Scultetus, Schweizer,[2] Zanchi, Daillé, Zwingli, d’Outrein.[3] English: Byfield,[4] Cartwright, Davenant,[5] Dod, Elton,[6] Lockyer,[7] Rollock, Ferguson.

LUTHERAN: Brentius, Melanchthon, Turnemainus, Weinrich, Wigand, Schmidt.

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Quiros, Vazquez.

ADD the Interpreters of all the Books of the New Testament, and also of the Pauline Epistles, above.

[1] Amandus Polanus (1561-1610) was a German Reformed theologian, and an important figure in the early development of Reformed Scholasticism. He served as Professor of Old Testament at Basel (1596-1610). [2] Johann Heinrich Schweizer (1646-1705) was a Swiss Reformed pastor and theologian. He served as Professor of Greek (1684-1692) and of Hebrews (1692-1705) at Zurich. [3] Johannes d’Outrein (1662-1722) was a Dutch Reformed pastor and theologian, of the Cocceian school. [4] Nicholas Byfield (1579-1622) was an Anglican clergyman and gifted preacher. [5] John Davenant (died 1641) was Master of Queen’s College, Cambridge. He represented the Church of England at the Synod of Dort. Later, Davenant was made Bishop of Salisbury in 1621. He wrote An Exposition of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Colossians. [6] Edward Elton (c. 1569-1624) was an Anglican churchman. [7] Nicholas Lockyer (1611-1685) was an English Independent minister and supporter of Cromwell.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
Aug 18, 2021
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