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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 2 Kings: Synoptic Outline

The Parts of the book are:

I. The history of the Kingdom flourishing, Chapters 1-16, in which is:

1. The history of Jehoshaphat continued: chapters 1-8: in which are:

a. Ahaziah’s fall and death: chapter 1.

b. Elijah’s rapture: chapter 2.

c. The war of Joram and Jehoshaphat against the Moabites, and a miracle of Elisha: chapter 3.

d. Elisha’s miracles, the oil, and the son of the Shunammite: chapter 4.

e. Naaman the leper: chapter 5.

f. Three miracles of Elisha, the ax, Samaria’s deliverance, famine: chapter 6.

g. The Syrians put to flight, the cheapness of grain: chapter 7.

h. Elisha’s prophecy: chapter 8:1-15.

2. The history of Joram: chapter 8:16-24.

3. The history of Ahaziah: chapter 8:25-10:36.

a. The impiety of Ahaziah: chapter 8:25-29.

b. The destruction of Joram and the house of Ahab by Jehu: chapter 9.

c. The zeal of Jehu against the house of Ahab and the worshippers of Baal: chapter 10.

4. The history of Athaliah, and the piety of Jehoiada: chapter 11.

5. The history of Joash, in which are:

a. The degeneration of Joash: chapter 12.

b. The Syrians thrice defeated; the death of Elisha: chapter 13.

6. The history of Amaziah, etc.: chapter 14.

7. The history of Uzziah: chapter 15:1-31.

8. The history of Jotham: chapter 15:32-38.

9. The history of Ahaz: chapter 16.

II. The history of the Kingdom falling, Chapters 17-25, in which are:

1. The history of the fall of the Kingdom of Israel: chapter 17.

2. The history of the fall of the Kingdom of Judah: chapters 18-25.

a. The history of the Kingdom shaken: chapters 18:1-23:33: in which are:

α. The history of Hezekiah, and in it:

א. The war with Assyria: chapter 18.

ב. The slaughter by the Angel: chapter 19.

ג. Illness: chapter 20.

β. Of Manasseh: chapter 21:1-17.

γ. Of Amon: chapter 21:18-26.

δ. Of Josiah, his piety: chapter 22: passover: chapter 23:1-30.

ε. Of Jehoahaz: chapter 23:31-33.

b. The history of the Kingdom falling: in which are:

α. Jehoiakim put to tribute: chapter 23:34-37.

β. Brought to ruin: chapter 24:1-6.

γ. Jehoiachin taken away: chapter 24:7-20.

δ. The Babylonian captivity under Zedekiah: chapter 25.

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Dr. Dilday
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