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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Timothy: Synoptic Outline

The parts:

I. An Admonition concerning the retaining of sound doctrine, concerning the use and abuse of the law, and the doctrine of the Gospel, chapter 1.

II. Precepts concerning prayers for all, and the adorning of women and modesty, chapter 2.

III. Precepts concerning Bishops, deacons, and the Church, chapter 3.

IV. A Prophecy concerning defection, and an exhortation to sound doctrine, chapter 4.

V. The Duty of the Bishop towards Elders, widows, Presbyters to be ordained, chapter 5.

VI. An admonition to servants and to teachers, the fruits of peity, the danger of avarice, the duty of the wealthy, a prohibition of vain questions, chapter 6.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
02 באוק׳ 2021
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