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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Timothy: Interpreters

HOLY FATHERS: None separately.

REFORMED: Danæus, de la Faye, Gothofredus, Megander, Musculus, Scultetus, Zwingli. English: Barlow,[1] Hall.[2]

LUTHERAN: Artopœus,[3] Chytræus, Cruciger, Gerhardus, Heilbrunner, Meelfuhrer, Melanchthon, Venatorius,[4] Weinrich, Willich.

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Alesius, Espensæus,[5] Magalianus,[6] Sotomayor,[7] Stevartius, Torres,[8] Lovanius, Sasbout, Hessels.

ADD the Interpreters of all the Books of the New Testament, and also of the Pauline Epistles, above.

[1]Barlow (1580-c.1629) was an English Puritan minister, educated at Oxford. He wrote commentaries on 2 Timothy 1; 2. [2] Thomas Hall (1610-1665) was an English Puritan and staunch Presbyterian. He wrote a commentary on 2 Timothy 3; 4. [3] Petrus Artopœus, or Peter Becker (1491-1563) was a German Lutheran theologian, reformer, and educator. He studied at Wittenberg under Luther and Melanchthon, and was a colleague of Osiander. In addition to a number of philological and theological works, he published commentaries on the Psalms, the Gospels, 1 Timothy, and Revelation. [4] Thomas Venatorius (1488-1551) was a German mathematician, and Lutheran educator, theologian, and reformer. He published expositions on select Psalms, and a commentary on 1 Timothy. [5] Claude D’Espence (1511-1571) was a French diplomat, educator, and theologian, active in the Counter Reformation. He published commentaries on the Pastoral Epistles. [6] Cosmas Magalianus (1553-1624) was a Portuguese Jesuit Theologian. In addition to his work on the Pastoral Epistles, he wrote commentaries upon Joshua and Judges. [7] Luis de Sotomaior (1526-1610) was a Portugues Domincan. He held the chair of Sacred Scripture at Coimbra, and composed commentaries on the Song of Solomon and 1 and 2 Timothy. [8] Jeronimo Torres (1527-1611) was a German Jesuit, serving as Professor of Theology at Ingolstadt and Dillingen. He composed annotations on 1 Timothy 1.

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