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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Thessalonians: Time of Writing

5. The time of writing. It is the first of all the Epistles of Saint Paul.

Ancient Corinth

That this is the first of all the Pauline Epistles, has not without reason been believed already of old by Chrysostom, Theodoret, and others, and also by all the most learned of the more recent scholars. For, whether it was written at Athens, or at Corinth, all the rest were written after Saint Paul stopped at Athens and Corinth, as we grant as proven in its place. Now, he comes to Corinth in the Year of our Lord 54, in which Saint Paul wrote this Epistle. That it was written before the rest, is also argued by the very simple form of Apostolic doctrine, which we find in it.In it there is no disputation with Pseudo-apostles:but only congratulations concerning their faith, the consolation of the faithful, and exhortation to express their faith in behavior.

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Dr. Dilday
Dr. Dilday
Sep 11, 2021

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