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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Thessalonians: Chapter Summary

The Inscription of the Epistle.Thessalonica, a city of Macedonia. At first called Halia, and Therma. The entrance of Saint Paul into that city, with the Jews setting themselves in opposition to him, and with Timothy sent by the same, so that he might confirm them, 1. The occasion of the writing of the Epistle furnished by the narration of Timothy concerning them, 2. The argument, 3. It appears to have been written, not at Athens, but at Corinth, 4. The time of writing.It is the first of all the Epistles of Saint Paul, 5. Also, the first Epistle was written before the second, contrary to the assertion of Grotius, 6. There are two parts: I. An Exhortation to constancy, conceived in the form of thanksgiving and prayer (1 Thessalonians 1-3). II. An Exhortation to the duties worthy of a Christian profession (1 Thessalonians 4; 5).Interpreters of the Epistle, Ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic; and also a Synoptic Table, 7.

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