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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Samuel: Interpreters

HOLY FATHERS: Bede, Bernard, Gregory the Great, Isidore, Theodoret,[1] Eucherius,[2] Jerome,[3] Origen,[4] Procopius of Gaza.[5]

REFORMED: Borrhaus, Burman, Calvin,[6] Drusius, Gwalther, Hostus,[7] Lavater,[8] Martyr,[9] Strigelius,[10] Wolf. English: Arthur Jackson, Mayer, Willet.[11]

LUTHERAN: Brentius,[12] Bugenhagen, Heling,[13] Weller,[14] Laurentius,[15] Luther.

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Bonfrerius,[16] Jansen, Malvenda, Mendoza,[17] Sanchez,[18] Serarius,[19] Tostatus.[20]

HEBREW: לב אהרון of Rabbi Aaron Ben Chaim, כלי יקר, Midrash Shmuel.[21]

Let the Interpreters of the Books of the Old Testament be added.

[1]Questions on Kings. [2] A commentary on Kings was falsely ascribed to Eucherius. [3]Preface to the Books of Samuel and Kings. [4] Two sermons on 1 Samuel survive. [5]In libros Regum et Paralipomenon scholia. [6]Sermons on 1 Samuel. [7]In Monomachiam Davidis et Goliathi. Matthew Hostus (1509-1587) was a German Protestant and antiquarian, who labored as an archeologist and as a professor of Greek. [8]Nabal: narratio de vita et obitu Nabalis ebriosi. [9]In duos libros Samuelis prophetæ. [10]Libri Samuelis, Regum, et Paralipoménon. [11]An harmonie upon the first booke of Samuel. [12]Samuelis liber prior. [13]Periocha, id est, Argumenta Singulorum Capitum…in libros duos Samuelis. [14]Samuelis Liber primus annotationibus explicatus. Hieronymus Weller (1499-1572) was a German theologian, educator, and reformer, a close associate of both Luther and Melanchthon. [15]Auslegung Buch Samuel in Predigten. Paul Laurentius (1554-1624) was a German Lutheran pastor and theologian. [16]Libri Regnum et Paralipomenon commentariis illustrati. [17] Francisco de Mendoça (1573-1626) was a Portuguese Jesuit scholar. He wrote Commentaria in Libros Regum. [18]Commentarius et Paraphrasis in Libros Regum. [19]In libros Regum et Paralipomenon commentaria posthuma. [20]Commentaria in Librum Regum. [21]Midrash Shmuel (c. 1000) contains haggadic interpretations and homilies on the Books of Samuel, drawing heavily from preceding Rabbinic authorities.

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Dr. Dilday
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