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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Samuel: Argument of the Book

3. The argument of the book, and also its end and use.

The first book contains the matters conducted in the Church and republic under the Judges Eli and Samuel, and also under King Saul. Which things are indeed described to this end, that from the former the mutability and inconstancy of men, too eager for revolution, and weary of ancient and unbroken custom, and the faithfulness, constancy, immutability of God, might shine forth: and that from David, and both his favorable and adverse fortunes, the heavenly David, Jesus Christ, and not only His shaking and swaying in this world, but also His anointing to all the most excellent things and exaltation, might be considered in the Church is all ages: and, finally, that the rewards of the pious and faithful, and the punishments and sufferings of the disobedient, that are contained in this book, might be recalled to mind, represented by clear examples.

Dr. Dilday's Lecture: "Israelite Kingship, Part 1"

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