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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 1 Kings: Chapter Summary

The inscription of the Book, 1. There appear to have been diverse writers of the book. The Collector appears to have been either Jeremiah, or Ezra, 2. The argument of the book is the matters conducted under five Kings of Judah, and eight Kings of Israel, 3. The scope/goal of the book is set forth, 4. The history of one hundred and eighteen years is narrated in it, 5. Its parts are two: I. The history of the whole or undivided Kingdom, with Solomon taking possession of the Kingdom (1 Kings 1-10). II. The history of the Kingdom divided on account of the sin of Solomon under four Kings of Judah, Rehoboam, Abijam, Asa, and Jehoshaphat (1 Kings 11-22). A Synoptic Table, and the Interpreters of the book, Ancient, Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Hebrew, 6.

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