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Exodus 4 Outline: Moses Sent on Mission

Moses’s objection, 1. The answer, 2. God turns his rod into a serpent, 3-5. He adds another sign, 6-8. And lest they would not believe, water is turned into blood, 9. Moses’s objection, 10. God argues with him, 11. God’s command and promise, 12. Moses’s answer, 13. God is angry, and enjoins Aaron to the same employment, 14; tells what Aaron should be, and what Moses should do, 15-17. Moses returning to Jethro, craves leave to go to Egypt to see his brethren: Jethro’s grant, 18. Moses having taken the rod of God, departs with his wife and children into Egypt, 20. God tells him what he should say to Pharaoh, 22, 23. God seeketh to kill Moses, 24. Zipporah with a sharp knife cuts off her son’s foreskin and what she said, 25, 26. God commands Aaron to meet Moses, 27. Moses declares to Aaron both what he had heard and seen, 28. They gather together the elders of Israel, 29; and Aaron speaks all the words and does all the signs which God commanded, 30. The people believe, 31.

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