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De Moor VII:19: The End of Predestination

This section[1] is understood without effort, and it does not need further explanation.

[1] Marckius’ Compendium, chapter VII, § 19: “We pass on to the End and Terminus of Predestination, which is one thing with respect to God, another with respect to Men, subordinated to the former. The former is able more commonly to be said to be a demonstration of Divine Glory, Proverbs 16:4; Romans 11:36, and especially of the Divine Liberty, Wisdom, Power, Justice and Goodness, all which shines forth as much in Reprobation as in Election. Nevertheless, although the latter is terminated more in the exercise of Goodness, and the former in the exercise of Justice, this is said commonly to be the distinct End of both, out of Ephesians 1:6; Romans 9:22, 23. To which now is subordinated in the case of Man, Salvation on the one side, and Destruction on the other, as the diverse outcomes teach. And from this flows the received division of Predestination into Election and Reprobation…”

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